By Rebecca Achieng (13 years)
Environment is the surrounding of a living thing. There are factors that affects the environment, like pollution. There are different types of pollution e,g soil pollution, chemical, noise, and water pollution. Pollution destroys the environment by making it unstable for living things. In Kenya there are many cases of pollution.

The government of Kenya rarely care about the environment. The president of Kenya has never spoken about the environment. I would like to reduce pollution in my country Kenya and protect my country from being polluted. In the streets the leading pollutant is noise pollution because of vehicles passing from one place to the other. I would also control soil pollution since it affects food production and agriculture. Water pollution creates diseases and make many people sick.

Noise pollution is a hazard and causes impaired judgement and distractions. Many roads in Kenya are affected by noise pollution especially in big cities. When I become a Senator, my job will be to protect our environment and clean out pollutants.