iGLOW teachers training program reached 44 teachers, 31 teachers were female and 13 were males. Key objective of the training is to cultivate a child friendly and results oriented school environment. iGLOW provided teachers with training on transformational leadership, effective curriculum and class management. Since most of the children in our program face a myriad of pressures; coming from single parent and no parent households, broken families, being poor, sexual abuse etc., a major component of the teachers training was counselling with a focus on:

  • Understanding myself
  • How can I build a positive relationship with a learner
  • Responding by talking and listening to a distressed learner
  • Looking at counselling in relation to listening and talking to a learner

As a result, teachers are in a better position to foster and create a positive relationship with the children which in turn help to address the distress in children’s lives. This positive relationship enables teachers to create a safe space for children to open up while providing guidance.