iGLOW Education policy priority

iGLOW Education policy priority

A system that educates girls in marginalized areas to go beyond high school education and one that empowers them to be the advocates in their own lives and communities; one that focuses on high quality early childhood education programs, teacher recruitment; education and retention programs; and encouraging family/community involvement n education.

iGLOW Education Policy Target Areas

  • Early childhood Education
  • Positive learning outcomes in Primary education
  • Equitable and adequate funding
  • School leadership
  • Community service
  • Computer literacy
  • Parent and community engagement

Core Principles

  • Equity
  • High Standards
  • Girls leadership matters
  • Accountability
  • High quality
  • Family engagement
  • Self advocacy

iGLOW Leadership Initiatives

  • Her Campaign initiative
  • Ambassadors Program

iGLOW Alliances/Partnerships

  • Nyanza Provincial Education Board
  • Ministry of education

How you can help us
Email us at info@iglowinitiative.org to give a donation