GLOW role in education reform

GLOW role in education reform:

To advocate, lead and influence laws, policies, and evidence-based practices to improve education and leadership outcomes for marginalized girls and assist student success in school and life


  • Reduce enrollment based gender disparity in targeted rural areas
  • Elimination of achievement gap between rural girls and their urban counterparts
  • Increase primary and high school graduation and retention rates among girls in iGLOW targeted areas
  • Increase post-secondary graduation rates among rural/marginalized  girls
  • Ensure equitable distribution of human, operating and capital fiscal resources in high need, high poverty schools in iGLOW targeted areas
  • Develop and institute leadership programs within rural schools to empower girls to view  and advocate for themselves as agents of transformational change within their lives and their communities
  • Enhance rural girls participation in the political process and community service
  • Targeted recruitment, hire and retention of quality leaders/teachers in iGLOW targeted schools
  • Broaden horizon of possibilities for girls in iGLOW targeted areas
  • Focus policy and resource attention to Early Childhood education so as to ensure that girls have a strong  education start
  • Work to increase community/family engagement in girls education
  • Work to encourage private-public-partnership for targeted schools

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