Naomi Akoth (12 years)
I am an unstoppable girl who is sure of creating better health systems. My dream is to be a lawyer so that I can fight for better health system. I would champion causes to help people who are sick and build many hospitals.

Right now am in Primary School. Whenever I pass the hospital area, people are very sick and doctors are just relaxing. Some doctors when their relatives come they can be treated very fast but they are not really very sick, but people who are very sock they cannot get treatment early.

People should not die of small diseases like malaria and coughing. One day when I was passing across the hospital, I saw a woman taken to the hospital, she was really sick. The doctors were just seating comfortably outside. It took only 5 minutes and the person died. I was confused when I saw this. My heart felt sad and it started beating fast like the East African drums. What I saw was not good, it left me trembling. For that reason I pray to God to give me long life so that I can be a health lawyer. We need many hospitals with serious doctors.